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: April spey meeting?

12-19-2006, 08:41 AM
Hey everyone.
I posted this on the speypages and thought i would mention it here as well. Myself and a friend will be heading either to the Miramichi for three days at the end of April to fish for Black Salmon,,,,, with Spey rods of course. Trying to find out if any other lads will be on the river at that time and if an afternoon of fishing, casting, advise, criticism, and of course a fine malt or two could be in order. An informal gathering for anyone in the area fishing with a long rod.
Through several PM's i know there is enthusiasm but as yet the problem of nailing down a river is the problem. It is between the Miramichi and Margaree at the moment. Margaree being much a longer drive but much cheaper to fish. Miramichi will require a lodge, guide(per day) and a $50 license.
This is months away but if a meeting can be scheduled then by all means lets do it.
This is NOT a clave or Gathering,, just trying to assemble some lads who will all ready be fishing or are close enough to come out and join in and try a two-hander.
By the way,,, this is primarily directed at the spey guys,, but not limited to. All members who read this are welcome.
We will most likely be staying with Janet and Keith Betts on the Storeytown road(Doaktown).
As i said, nothing is concrete yet,, so it may very well change to the Margaree,, depends on #'s i guess. Feel free to PM or call if you are interested.
Best regards
Dwayne Miller
(902) 628-6175