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: Pondering my fall trip...

07-05-2001, 05:24 PM
Since everyone's been warning me about the dangerously low river levels expected this fall, the thought of a saltchuck-focused trip this fall is getting more attention in my mind.

I usually come out hot for steelhead and try to fit a little ocean salmon FF in, but maybe I should do the opposite this year. The ocean levels are not going to affect the fishing, with the exception of tides ;)

Between that and the Carolina Conclave my autumn antics should be all buttoned up for 2001.

Any thoughts on this approach?

07-05-2001, 11:48 PM
I would not give up on the steelhead fishing so soon...

But with the large amounts of coho already being caught in the Straight, some to 10 pounds, this late summer/fall is going to be one amazing fishery.

A great idea for a conclave. I would love to get out on the water with some saltwater experts. ;)

07-06-2001, 07:22 AM
We could do a coho conclave out on the straits too - the rental boats are ~$70 / day and can fish three well, two better. Splitting that and pitching a tent makes the trip peanuts. I enjoyed roasting a salmon fillet over alder wood coals on the straits with Vancouver Island on the horizon many times in the past.

Any interest?

07-06-2001, 11:57 AM
:raises hand: :D