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: Kings in Puget Sound

06-08-2001, 11:17 AM
Kings are showing in really good numbers in Puget Sound's Marine Area 11 since the season opener on 6/1/01. Reports say there were over 80, mostly in the 8-12# range, taken that day alone; several moochers are reporting catches in the 15-18# range. Clay Banks looks like the Safeco Field parking lot during a Mariner's home game with all the boats that have been out there every day - easily 60 at any given time. 12 trailers parked at the Gig Harbor boat launch yesterday tells me the season is underway in a BIG way. I weighed the one I caught yesterday at nearly 11#. Fell for a white & olive Krystal Flash Clouser that I was casting just off Point Dalco with a 8-wt, LC-13 shooting head setup - must have been the villiage idiot, but my first King on a fly none-the-less. YES! ;D

06-08-2001, 01:41 PM
Congrats! Great to hear about kings on the fly. I can see the irridescent silver and big spots on those tails and the silvery purple hues on the flanks between that emerald back and mercury silver sides. Man, I would love to jump back in my boat and zip around the sound salter salmon right now!

Please, keep us posted on all the happenings - as the big summer kings roll in, as the hooknoses appear - maybe even a 20 pound chrome chum will scream you around the sound this fall!

I recall a big chrome chum I caught at Bush Pt (area 9) several years ago... I thought it was a huge king the way it fought.

When I visit this fall I hope we can hook up for some saltchuck salmon on the fly.

06-19-2001, 07:57 PM
Chums are in my vocuabulary. Caught 2 just shy of 20lbs last November at, get this, the Green River at Flaming Geyser. Managed 3 others in the mid-teens at Kennedy Creek, also. Sort of like hooking into a passing freight train.

Would place a red carpet on the boat for you if you had time this coming fall.

06-20-2001, 09:37 AM
Thank you for the kind offer, likewise anytime you get out to Cape Cod!

I would love to apply some of the atlantic coastal techniques to Puget Sound, my ol' stompin grounds. I would imagine that in the Narrows ripline a quick descent line or even lc-13 would put a good looking candlefish fly on a long shank hook with an active tail in shimmering emerald greens, chartreuse and silver/white (small eyes, etc) twitched in the rips when there are fish up high in the column dawn/dusk would do the trick - if you could keep the coho off the line. Man, if I still lived there I would be spending a lot of time figuring this out.

I can visualize Mt.Rainier looming pinks and pastels over the evening horizon on a hot summer day with mint bright salmon threading through the jade depths, the smell of the saltchuck and the sound of shearing water in the rips.