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: Sanibel Florida Status

12-02-2006, 11:18 AM
Hi All....heading to Sanbel Florida mid January and wondering if the fishery has continued to decline or has improved from last year.
Seems that 2 years ago the Army Corp of Engineers decided to drain a poluted lake north of Sanibel, which not only deteriorated water clarity, but killed off most of the grasses in the area, including, Pine Island sound, Tarpon Bay and Ding Darling Reserve(which also developed a slimy scum on the surface of the water)....what a great move! :Eyecrazy: When I questioned locals last year as to why the #$%#@!! something that idiotic would have been allowed...the answer was that the sugar cane farmers use feces to fertilize their crops and rain runoff into the lake occured regularly...AND...the farmers have significant political controls were reportedly non enforced?????? True or is and was a stupid thing to do and ruined a beautiful fishery.
Sometimes each of us have complained about some of the controls we have here...but at least we have mostly pristine areas to fish.
Fishing that time of year has never been great, but at least the seatrout and ladyfish were plentiful and entertaining....last yr., 5 outings totaled about 7 fish as opposed to a dozen per outing, previous years.
Any updated input would be greatly appreciated.

12-02-2006, 11:05 PM
Hi Ron,

If your planning on hitting the grouper or snapper it's nothing like it used to be. red tide trashed the area pretty well and some is still holding offshore. Snook, Redfish, sea trout and some tarpon are still around in numbers. Big schools of baitfish are still scarce and the offshore fishery in the gulf is still hurting from the massive red tides. They have been stocking snook and the species that find refuge in the intracoastal have held on better than those offshore.

I heard about the stupid move draining that polluted water... I heard it made a huge dead zone in the gulf taking out more than just fish, not too surprising considering that the Bush's were in office at the federal and state level and that it appears corporations come first over clean air and water.

Good luck..


12-03-2006, 09:32 AM
Thanks for the info Greg.....that place has gone from a fishing heaven to a fishing hell.....sad