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: Acklins Report

Bob Bergquist
11-26-2006, 08:50 PM
Everyone had a great 10 days. Lots of good sized bones ( they are quite a bit larger in the fall vs the spring there) up to 8-9 pounds, with most at 3-4 lbs. One monster well over 10lbs swam through Tim's legs. One permit on...then off, several others sighted. Terry had a bunch tailing with in a few feet of him. One tailed on his crab and later one chased a clouser, but no luck. Two big tarpon sighted and three babies in one of the creeks. Weather was calm and clear every day. Had a school of a couple thousand bones ( really!) at Fish Cay that were getting hammer by cudas and sharks that we walked away from. The southern creeks were full of tailers every day, with lots of fish in the mangroves and many, many lost flies. The lodges were not open, so we fished the fingers around Snug Corner a bit and found a bunch of fish. The road rebuilding has sort of begun...the contract signed, and some brush being cleared from the shoulders. We shall see.


11-30-2006, 10:06 PM
Great memories that help to endure our below zero, snowy, blizzardy weather we've had!!!

I had 3 shots at that big bruiser! The first one when he was coming right at me with a small group of 4 to 5 pounders. I had to kneel down to avoid being seen, put the fly in front of him...................he swam right over it and practically into my lap! Another fish in the group hit my leg! I had two more shots as the group buzzed around between Bob, Terry and I, but the big guy just wasn't interested (tried 3 different flys). I wonder if my repeatedly screaming " My Gawd! Look at the size of that fish!" might have made him a little edgy??? He absolutely dwarfed the other bones, and had shoulders like a chinook salmon! I was shaking the whole time.

Maybe another shot at him in February? I can't wait!