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: What do some of you think about reels without any drag?

11-19-2006, 07:58 PM
What do some of you think about Vosseler reels? I was looking at one I liked but noticed it had no drag. I'm a beginner to fly-fishing so I didn't know what to think, any advice?



11-19-2006, 08:27 PM
What species of fish are you going to be targeting? For most freshwater fish, you don't need a drag. For most saltwater fish, you do.

11-20-2006, 09:29 AM
Teflon is right. Those without a drag still have some means of slowing down the spool. This usually involves some type of spring and pawl arrangement, but other systems exist also. The RC model you're referring to has plenty of stopping power between the spring and pawl and rim control. If you have a major concern about the lack of a true drag, for not much more money you can buy the DC series which looks very similar, but has an actual synthetic drag.

12-03-2006, 09:05 PM
They should be forgotten about and never used or spoken of again:devil:
Click and Pawl!! Click and Pawl!!! Click and Pawl!!!!
my $0.02
Salmon Chaser

Ladies and Gents,,, I mean know disrespect to Vossler or any other maker/company,,,just stating an opinion on quiet reels in general!!

12-04-2006, 10:26 AM
no flippin way.. i fish for large trout in the missouri river,and use the smallest tippet possible.. flys are 16,18, 20 , fish are 3-5 pounds and bigger if i could get hold of one... i set the drag on the ross reel, with its very delecate settings, to the most i can get away with.. any more and a broken tippet, any less fish gone down stream.. you cant get that fine of drag precision on the pressure of drag from your hands, well you can but it will take many lost fish to get the hang of it...and youl be starting over after each long break like over the winter. get a ross for the size fish your after, set the drag that is perfect with their very very dependable system, turn it off on the reel if you dont like it.. you will need some so you wont have backlash.. ross not only is made in the usa (still i belive), it is one of the best reels available, light, dependable and tough.. sometimes i use two settings one for close in and if they get too far down river i turn it down as the line drag is more and the tippet cant take it.. im in perril if i cant get down stream fast enought but i have that chance.. settings are made with experiance thruout the season.. i sometimes have to turn it up one click if i know i cant get downstream fast enought.. the ross fine adjustment can sometimes let me get away with it.. at that point i know i have to stop it or it will be gone anyway.. rod up rod down fine tunes your settings... youll know real close to what you need first time out.. and it will be set there the first day of the next season.. a fine point but when your dealing with big fish i need all the help i can get...ross also has accurate backing line amount advertising.. cheap reels cheat here to save weight,, you need lots of backing for big fish sometimes and ross has it.. i use the evolution 3.5 on 7 and 5 weight rod.. i alos have orvis battenkill 2 and i doesnt hold much backing, you dont need it very often but when you do its there with the ross... if your in a boat you can chase em, if your on the bank with big fish, youl need a great drag and lots of backing with the one whos going downstream... just another view...dave..