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: Fly fishing in Bali?

11-17-2006, 10:37 PM
Anyone have experience fly fishing in Bali, Indonesia?

I may be fortunate enough to go there in January for a work conference.

I notice they have typical bluewater, big fish, charter boat fishing but wondering about the fly fishing scene....if any.

Thanks in advance,

October Caddis
11-21-2006, 04:32 PM
It would be worth it to bring your gear. If memory serves me right after many years, there is a pretty good reef to the entrance of the harbor in Dempensar. Most of shore line of Bali is sandy beaches and rocky points with shallow reefs a couple hundred yards off shore and deeper water between beach and reef. But if you walk the beaches I'm sure you will find the usual like trevally and cuda in the deeper areas. Remember that the Baliness fish their waters for market so it is not a perfect situation. I did catch lots of Wahoo and cuda out beyond the reefs as we sailed along the coast line. Fish some of the rocky points on south side of Island but watch out for surf. The surf will be getting smaller at this time of year but can still be dangerous if you do not watch it for 45 minutes or so before deciding if you want to climb down to good water. And watch out for sea snakes they are always slithering around the rocks and white water, it would be easy for one to land in your lap if you got knocked down by a breaking wave.
Bali is a wonderful place you will have a great time, some of the most beautiful and peacful people in the world.