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: Coho Candy

07-26-2001, 08:45 PM
photo shows Gamakatsu 'perfect' bend siwash, not the longer 911s

Inspired by the east coast flies: Popvic's "surf candy" combined with Page's slim jim... and a few differences like the floating yarn core and easy braid body, softex vs. epoxy, and other subtle differences.

- TMC 911s or other SW long shank hook
- White monochord 3/0 thread
- White and olive fly fur (both)
- floating fly yarn
- easybody braid
- chartreuse synthetic hair
- flashabou (pearl, yellow pearl, root beer or olive pearl)
- sand launce colored tiewell sparkleflash, rainbow angel hair, or similar back material
- softex or epoxy
- small stick on eyes, black on yellow preferred

Trivia: Candle fish is the PNW slang for sand eel or sand launce. Candlefish is really another name for the ocean smelt, or eulachon which is a totally different species.

Tie in white fly fur on shaft just above bend.
Layer flashabou, then olive fly fur.

Wrap shank with white floating yarn to build up bulk.

Cut and place a length of body braid over the core, tie in at head.

Lay a length of your favorite sand eel back - sparkleflash, angelhair, etc over the body so that it tapers into the top layer of the tail (above the olive fly fur).

Attach an eye to each side, then a strip cut from between the eyes on the contact sheet for the reflective stripe on each side.

Coat the whole forward body with softex or epoxy and rotate to dry.

The hook position will work very well for side-striking coho.