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: Sekiu Squid

03-26-2000, 03:10 PM
Sekiu Squid

Juvie squid like the ones salmon often gorge themselves on. The fly "hoochie"...

HOOK: TMC 911s 2 thru 1/0

TAIL: (legs) twister tails (avail from Bob Marriott's) under marabou and a matched color hackle collar

UNDERBODY: Wrap shank of hook with micro-chenille or yarn in colors you want to "pass thru" body... orange, white, etc.

BODY: EZ-body / braid sleeve over underbody and long enough to drape slightly over the tail and legs. Place eye on Posterior edge of the mantle. Coat the entire body with Softex.

HEAD: Finish by wrapping braid tube to a tapered point and tying in tufts of marabou on either side of mantle at head.

Fish in tide rips and at the edges of kelp beds and tide seams (slicks) for best results. Works on uniform full sink lines as well as intermediates depending on fishing situation.