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: GI Joes Steelhead Derby

11-13-2006, 11:28 PM
Last year the Wild Steelhead Coalition sent a letter to GI Joe’s Sporting Goods requesting that they refrain from allowing wild steelhead entered in their annual winter steelhead derby. The WSC explained the plight of wild steelhead in the letter and urged them to discontinue allowing wild steelhead entered in their derby.

It is believed that GI Joe’s will soon be announcing their annual winter steelhead derby and with that is a request for your help. If you agree that wild steelhead are to valuable to be placed on a derby ladder and to be intentionally harvested for such a contest please contact GI Joe’s and request that their derby only includes hatchery steelhead with no wild steelhead allowed for eligibility. To contact GI Joe’s soon, please use the following link and speak with a store manager: