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: Shark/Tuna Fishing Book?

10-01-2001, 10:23 PM
Any and All,

I have a particularly generous and adventurous cousin with a 42 foot fishing boat. He recently purchased this monster vessel and he has not yet had a chance to head out for a single shark and/or tuna fishing excursion. I want to help him prepare for such a trip next year and I am looking for a book that explains and outlines the gear, fishing strategies and the location (preferably for New England) that will best suit a bunch of virgin shark and tuna fisherman that are heading out on a virgin bluewater voyage.

Any suggestions? Any shark or tuna veterans that would like to come along and show us how it is done?

Any good books on taking shark and tuna on the fly? Do I need a 12 weight rod or something a little more burly?



10-02-2001, 12:59 AM
Mike...Greetings! I've got a good friend who specializes in shark and tuna...Capt Bill Brown has been chartering out of the Watch Hill, RI, area for ages and does the show circuit. He really knows his stuff and puts alot of stock in "the new guy" doing a charter or two while taking good notes on the specifics necessary for success. Give him a call at (860) 741-3301 ( him I sent you)...I'm sure that he can suggest books, credible sources, and perhaps a chance for "hands-on"...
Personally, I prefer to spend some ca$h for a charter to get a good foundation...Once "educated" the application of fundamentals speeds the learning curve and the freezer will soon witness the rewards.
Re-inventing the wheel takes time and money and can be very frustrating and disappointing...A trip or two with a pro puts you in the "fast lane" and gives you the basic experience to grease the wheel and get it rolling in the right direction. GOOD LUCK!
p.s. I'd be happy to volunteer to cut bait and clean up the mess!
A 12wt will do for the smaller critters but a 15wt will handle the sharks and big-boys...bullet proof drags and lots of backing...technical rigging and "blue-water 101" will be in order...Come visit the YAC and we can talk about it over a cool one!

10-02-2001, 06:34 AM

Thanks for Bill Brown's contact info. I agree that a charter would be the best short course on bluewater fishing. I will give him a call and begin the process of preparing for a new type of fishing. I doubt that it will be a favorite of mine but it should still be great fun. Rest assured that as we get these trips together you will be on the boat. We fit 12 guys comfortably in this rig during my bachelor party but remember, only one at a time in the fighting chair!

He has the gear for tuna and that is a plus. Any fish that will eat a 5 pound blue is more than welcome at the end of my line.

Thanks Pete and I hope to see you soon.


10-02-2001, 06:49 AM
It really depends on where he is based. This determines which shelf, bank or target feeding grounds you would go after. If he is based on the outer cape - I'd start with Capt.Bruce Peters. If on the north shore, NH or Maine - I used to work with a group of chunkers at BIW who knew their stuff allright. Down in rhody contact our own Art Burton's son, Art Jr, on the "Mako Bound" who is a sharking pro captain (just ask PeteL!).

Lots of contacts in the New England region, but these depend on the region of origin IMHO.

10-02-2001, 04:30 PM

I agree about the port of departure. He is based out of Boston. Any suggestions on guides for this area? Is Stellwagon the place to go?


10-02-2001, 05:10 PM
Start with Josko. First and foremost. Not only does he know the stuff inside out - but he is also a great sharer of knowledge.

Check with our sponsor B-fast Charters, Capt. Mike Bartlett in Pembroke

Don't miss the chance to talk to Joe LeClair about the sharks, Firefly Outfitters out of Boston

THE club to hook up with:


Great USGS site:

Don't ignore Jefferey's Ledge

Might have a lot to learn from talking to scientists or even volunteering to assist with research programs...

I met seniors at WPI doing a Stellwagen project that would provide reams of information for exploration in that area.

Bigtime adventure ahead for you!

doogue (10-02-2001 05:30 p.m.):

I agree about the port of departure. He is based out of Boston. Any suggestions on guides for this area? Is Stellwagon the place to go?


10-02-2001, 05:59 PM

As always, many thanks.


10-03-2001, 09:04 PM
Ishmeal, Next time you talk to Capt. Bill Brown of The "Billfish" ask him about Capt ArtB of "MakoBound" They are in contact with each other a couple of times a week. In fact Capt Art first mates for Capt. Bill sometimes. That's my Boy! They leave from Marinas opposite each other on the Pawcatuck River.

10-23-2001, 01:08 PM
Hey Doogue,
I've been doing a decent bit of shark and tuna fishing out in Mass Bay and nearby reagions over the last few years--it's very addictive and the learning curve is huge. Going out with people is by far the best means of learning, but there are some decent tuna and shark fishing books. Off the top of my head, two are:

Fishing for Sharks--Pete Barret (i think)
To Catch a Tuna--Al Anderson

THere are a few more good ones--drop me a line and I'll dig up the rest of the titles and tell you the little I know about the area.