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: Fishing Report: Swift River

11-10-2006, 03:54 PM
Well I ended up at the Swift today. Thanks to everybody for their advice on avoiding Millers! I was amazed how many people there were fishing the Swift on a Friday. It seems like everybody had the same idea as me to take the day off. Anyway, on to the report!

I was the first person on the water this morning at 6:30 and had a ~12" rainbow on my 3rd cast in the Y pool. I was using a small yellow streamer very similar to an Original Blond but with a few notable differences. One of these days I'll get around to posting tying instructions. I didn't get any more bites for a while so I switched to a new size/color (olive #2), but the same streamer pattern, and started wading down through the Y pool. It produced a another fish within a few casts, this time a ~12" brown. A few casts later I pulled the hook out of another good sized fish. A few casts after that I got a HUGE strike and it snapped the 7X tippet before I could do anything. Unfortunately, that was the only olive version of the fly I had since it was the first time I tried it in anything but yellow and I was just experimenting. I need to start bringing my fly tying stuff with me when I go fishing... I was using floating line with a 12+ ft leader/7X tippet.

I switched over to nymphing at that point and got into fish pretty quickly. I took 2 or 3 rainbows in the 15-16" range and a brookie in the 13-14" range. The brookie was just a beautiful fish in full spawning colors. I also got a couple of smaller fish. From there I worked my way downriver all the way to the bridge, but didn't get anything. I crossed over and went downriver and got a small brown a ways below the bridge, but I didn't see many fish so I came back up. I was casting to a large rainbow when I got the brown, and the little guy flew in and smashed the nymph before the rainbow could get it. Probably the hardest trout strike I've ever had, felt more like a smallmouth.

I went back up to the Y pool and worked through a bit of it again, but didn't get anything. It was about noon by then. I had switched over to a sink tip line by this point since the fish seemed to want everything on the bottom. I decided I might as well head home and miss traffic so I started hiking down. On the way, I pointed out some large rainbows to a couple of guys fishing since they couldn't see them in the shade from the water, but they were pretty easy to see from the bank. I hope I helped them get one but I'll probably never know. I was almost back to the bridge when I saw three large rainbows staked out in midriver and nobody fishing nearby. I decided to give them a shot and cast upriver from them. A few casts later I had another ~15" rainbow. While I was fighting that fish a brightly colored male had flashed up next to the fish, so I figured I'd give a few more casts and see what happened. Not too much later I had the ~17" male in hand. I tried a few more casts for another rainbow but gave up after a while when it wasn't interested.

The main trick for streamers was to fish them FAST FAST FAST! As soon as they hit the water, I was stripping them in about as fast as I could. I was also casting them at maybe a 60 degree angle downstream towards the banks from the center of the river. The strikes were coming as soon as they hit the water. For the nymphs, the main thing was to get them on the bottom. If they weren't dragging through the weeds/rocks, the fish didn't want them. I had weeds on the fly every single cast when I picked it up, so I was doing a lot of cleaning. The fish were watching the fly go by them, seeing it get stuck in the weeds/rocks, and checking it out a few times before they slurped it in. For the most part I was sight fishing specific fish.

Hope this helps somebody else have a great day on the Swift, and thanks again to everybody for their recommendation! :)

11-11-2006, 12:21 AM
I try to avoid crowds and fish that get pounded, but this may be the only game in town when the other rivers are running to high to fish. Let me know when your coming out this way again maybe we can meet up. I am glad that you had a good day.

11-11-2006, 10:15 AM
wow, that's some days fishing. nice one.

good to see the fishing bitin early too ( 6.30 am)


11-12-2006, 07:31 PM
A friend and myself went to the Swift down below the hatchery on Saturday about mid morning. Scud patterns, which usually work well, were producing zeros so we switched to a size 16 Partridge & Flash (sparse partridge and a mylar body) and ended up with 15 between us. The last two that I caught were on a size 24 black/white spinner. The last on the spinner was an actively feeding brown around 16 inches. All told the rainbows were between 12 and 16 inches with one or two gorgeous brookies thrown in.

Afterwards we had lunch on the deck of that pub in Belchertown center. Chili, a couple of beers, warm temps. and all that great sunshine.........good way to end a great day on the river.

The Millers in blown out!!!!! It's the Swift till next May.