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: Congress hearing on envromental polices

11-10-2006, 11:43 AM
Democrats is the US House are already preparing hearing on the issues which have a broad public support like reconstruction contracts, energy policy and Bush Administration environmental policy.
The only reason over the last 5 years the damage was under control is that 9-circuit appeal court ( the one following already established environmental laws) which oversees western states and Alaska, was able to struck down major portion of illegal Bush Adm. activities.
Specifically, the ideas which were generated in energy and interior departments, “marinated in oil” and stuffed with logger and miners.

At least from now, it will be extremely difficult for Bushes to undermine the law and issue rulings which are in most cases opposed in 95+ % during public hearing.

My guess is that exemption of Tongas Foest in Alaska form logging (Clinton established radless areas on 58 millions acres in 2000) by Republican Congress by injecting legal language to budget is over.