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: WTB Sage SP 8wt

11-05-2006, 09:32 AM
Hi all,
arrived on Aruba monday the 30th of October. Plans were to go for bones and tarpon, I know it's hard and it will take hours off fishing, well... fishing... wandering along the shorelines, trying to spot some fish.
My vacation started out very bad. Upon arriving I am allready used to go to the desk of the odd-sized bagage, then they'll take you to the back of the airport where they usually have your gear or your surfboard or wathever standing ready.
This year I worked it out well, made a very strong big tube that could hold all my rods and my experience learned me it would be no big deal to pick it up.
Totally shocked I was when I came back there with the customs-officer, to see my tube forced open and broken, with the rods all sticking half out of it. Some &^%$#$ opened up the thing, pulled everything out brutally and did not even placed them back (only halfway). Didn't put the lid back on it....
Result: one rod missing and three rods damged badly enough to make it impossible to fish with them. One of them beeing my third and last spare 8wt rod looked good, placed the reel on it and on the first backward cast it just snapped.
The airline company only want to pay the weight of the broken and missing things. They offer like 25 usd a kilogram!!! So for all the stuff that's broken I could be lucky to get maybe up to 50 usd...
The @$#&^$#@#@, how can they! The rod missing alone is allready 6 or 7 times more then those 50 bucks (probably even more).
Well, looks like the vacation is getting a bit tuff now. Luckily I managed to have some contact with folks in the Netherlands (they don't sell fishing gear on Aruba) and there's an eight weight coming up my way.

But still.... If somebody has a Sage SP 8wt, 9ft, 5 piece (with two tips) and can get me a nice offer on it, I would be a lucky man. That's the rod I am missing most of all and as they are not beeing made anymore will be hard to get.