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: Ny Tributary Brown Trout Runs

11-02-2006, 02:57 PM
Hi all,
New member to the site, like what I see so far. I would like to introduce myself and say hi to all....My names Rich, I am from CT and do quite a bit of fishing, primarily chasing large trout, but do not limit myself to the sole species.

I make the annual pilgrimage to the western NY Tribs yearly in search of that 20 + pound brown, numerous sightings but yet to land that picture fish. I was just curious if there were any folks out there who have the same interests as myself and were willing to either talk via email, or on the forum about experiences, techniques or other success or stories they have had in search of those big guys. I dont limit myself to jus the browns, I chase the steelies and domestic rainbows too.

I need to clarify my post, I am not looking for anyones secrets to be let out, just to maybe make some new fishing friends to exchange ideas, philosophies and fishing stories with.

A brief history of myself goes as follows, been fishing since the age of 5, picked up the flyrod at 10 and havent put it down yet....been tying since the age of 16, been all over New England and the Northeast, Alaska many times, and have been guiding as a secondary income source for almost 5 years now in CT. (float trips and wade).

I guess I was inquiring about the use of plastic beads on fall run browns. I have extensive experience with their use in both alaska and in new england, but havent tried them on the Erie and Ontario tribs and was curious on their success in that neck of the woods. I would assume them to be as deadly as anywhere else but was curious about others insight.

Let me know and hi to all