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: Headed to Rhody with Grandson in tow - any fish down there?

11-02-2006, 06:52 AM
Anyone going to be fishing Rhody Friday? Going to taking Grandson down to see if I can get him some Stripers.

If anyone is going down, please post, and maybe we can hook up for lunch.

Art B. - you going to be around? I'd like to introduce him to one of the legends from the area! Hope all is going well with you.


11-04-2006, 05:12 AM
Well Grandson and I made it to Rhody by 10:30 - it's a 2.5 hour drive, and he must have asked over 10 times - "how long until we're there?" Hit Charlestown Breachway to find only a few people. no bait and no fish. Few guys I talked to had indicated there were some Blues up in the breachway just after first light.

Hit East Beach next, and while we were getting poles out, two older gentleman were loading up their car - one asking if I had a bandaid. He obviously got tangled up with a Blue - and they did verify they were catching Blues consistently, and we probably would have some luck. We did six Blues - the biggest one 27", which my Grandson caught on a Storm lure. He could barely reel it in, so I had to assist in just keeping the rod from being yanked out of his hand. All the time there, there was no sign of actively feeding Blues - but they were obviously cruising the beach.

Things slowed down around 1:00 so we hit Weekapaug - only a few people there, no bait and no actively feeding fish. Did drive down that road )can't remember name of it), driving each from Weekapuag Breachway and fished a bit - one guy pick up one small Blue. You could see an occassional splash here and there - but most were out of casting range.

Went to Quonny - pretty much same thing. DId drive down the road Quite a few motor homes, etc. - but not many people fishing.

Hit East Beach again and did have one take, but no hook ups. A huge school was busting bait about 1/2 mile down from us, but there were well out of casting reach. This blitz, covering a football field went on for well over 30 minutes - never moving towards shore. Must have been bass, as the birds were landing in the water to pick up bait - don't usually do that if their are those teethy cirtters around. Headed out at sunset, leaving only two spin guys on the entire beach.

Dave and Kyle

11-04-2006, 10:45 AM
Thanks for the report. I was thinking about heading down to RI or CT tomorrow (Sunday) and wondered if anything was happening down there. Were the blues within flyrod range? I still haven't caught a decent blue this year. In any event, I'm not ready to hang up the waders just yet so I may do the day trip and try to get home in time for the Patriots game.


11-05-2006, 04:08 PM
Quentin - they were defintely within fly rod range - that's what I picked mine up on. A few hit within 10' of the shore. Again, no real signs of actively feeding Blues - but the guys I talked to when we hit the East Beach at 11:30 - the two older gentleman that were leaving (heck a grandfather referring to "older gentleman") to grab lunch indicated they had been in to fish for at least a few hours before going to grab lunch.

Didn't really see bait in the water, but did see quite a few 4" "silversides" up on the beach.

Quentin - if you did get down there, let me know how you made out. I'm planning another trip down next Saturday - or I may head down Friday afternoon and grab a hotel. I didn't make one clave this year, and only fished twice before my Rhody trip. Really bummed that's all I made it out. This year has been a bummer, as far as trips to the shore went.


11-05-2006, 10:33 PM
I didn't make it to the coast today because of car problems :( . Probably would have been a good day for a road trip. Hopefully the warmer weather this week will keep the fish around until next weekend :cool: