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: Vote No on I-933

10-28-2006, 04:56 PM
National Wildlife Federation and Washington Wildlife Federation urge No on I-933

Inititiave 933 claims to promote "property fairness," and in fact the ballot title when you are at the poll will say: "Intent to require fairness when government regulates private property."

However, it is anything but fair. If it passes it will instead open loopholes for irresponsible development in Washington. I-933 will roll back habitat protections that have been put in place to recover our salmon and therefore, orcas. I-933 will also jeopardize the health and well-being of our environment since it will lead to runaway sprawl and unmanaged growth. This means more traffic, more pollution, and more fragmented habitat.

NWF has joined the fight against I-933 because our mission is to protect wildlife for our children's future and we believe I-933 will jeopardize this mission. We urge you to cast a vote for healthy habitats, cleaner water, and a step toward protecting Washington's salmon heritage. Vote NO on 933. (go to "Action Alert" on left side for more info on I-933.) Hunters Opposing 933, and Anglers Opposing 933 fact sheets are also at this link.

Please join National Wildlife Federation in our commitment to protect wildlife by voting No on I-933 this November.

These groups are opposing I-933 (see quotes at the end):

American Rivers

Berkley Conservation Institute

Dwight Kanno, President, Boeing Employees Rod and Reel

Izaak Walton League of America - Seattle Chapter

National Wildlife Federation

Native Fish Society

Skagit Fisheries Enhancement Group

Trout Unlimited Ballard Chapter
Trout Unlimited Bellevue-Issaquah Chapter
Trout Unlimited Clark County Chapter
Trout Unlimited Des Moines Chapter
Trout Unlimited Elliot Bay Chapter
Trout Unlimited North Kitsap Chapter
Trout Unlimited Northshore Chapter
Trout Unlimited Olympia Chapter
Trout Unlimited Sky Valley Chapter
Trout Unlimited South Cascades Chapter
Trout Unlimited Spokane Chapter
Trout Unlimited Tacoma Chapter

Washington Council of Trout Unlimited

Washington Wildlife Federation

Westport Charter Boat Association

Wild Steelhead Coalition

What Our Oregon Counterparts are Saying (OR passed a similar measure last year):

"We already are seeing the impacts of Measure 37 on salmon and steelhead habitat in Oregon. Whether it's bad development or gravel mining along rivers, the initiative threatens all the good work that local anglers have done to restore fish runs. I sure hope they don't
make the same mistake we made in Oregon."

- Tom Wolf, Chair, Oregon Council Trout Unlimited

Jim Martin, retired Chief of Fisheries, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Conservation Director for Berkley Conservation Institute,had this to say about the initiative:

"This initiative is supposedly about fairness...but is really a smokescreen to allow more development in forests, farmland, and wetlands and alongside rivers. The backers know that local government can't possibly afford to pay for the wild claims by landowners of what they might have had in mind for city and county leaders will be forced to allow such development in the crown jewels of our most
important natural places."

"This is exactly the mentality that caused the extinction of the Atlantic salmon on the East Coast of the United States. The fish die the death of the thousand subdivision at a time. Haven't we learned a damn thing?"

"We say we are committed to salmon recovery in our time...and then do something boneheaded like this?....NO!