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: Minor Rules Input by Nov. 4

10-28-2006, 04:45 PM
There are some minor rules that effect steelhead in this years Minor Rules Proposal set forth by WDFW. Included is expanding the Skagit C&R areas, so get involved and send in your input!

#17. Skagit River Catch-and-Release SeasonProposal: This proposal would provide an additional catch-and-release fishery in the Skagit River March 16 April 30 from the Dalles Bridge at Concrete to the Birdsview Boat Ramp near the mouth of Finney Creek. Selective gear rules would apply, except it would be lawful to fish from a floating device equipped with a motor, but not while under power.

Explanation: This proposal was suggested by a Fish and Wildlife Commissioner to provide anglers additional catch-and-release opportunity for wild steelhead. It would be subject to change annually by emergency regulation depending on pre-season wild steelhead runsize predictions.