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: Can everybody whos been to Aruba help me?

10-27-2006, 11:41 AM
Hi folks,
as a native I know my way around on the island and I know where to go. But as a native I also want to learn and know more and more, so I can share the wisdom with you folks again.
What does this lunatic need?

I want all of you who ever fished on Aruba to sent me some of your stats and facts, no bluffing, just the plain results.
The things I am interested in are:
When were you there? Where did you fish? How much Bones did you see and did you land some? And off course your name, so statistics wont be mixed up.

For example:
Sander van der Wal (thats me)
april/may 2005
spotted just three bones in 3 weeks time, fishing an average of 5 hours daily. Spotted them at malmok, hooked up with 2 of them and both broke off.

Thats enough for me, then I can try to figure more stuff out about my island. Because I live in the Netherlands I am not there year round and I have this feeling some seasons there are more bones then another season. Ill use all the data just for myself and make some statistics on it, then maybe I can get more of a prediction on the best season to be there.
Offcourse, once I think i got it figured out a bit Ill let you all know the results on this forum.

Thanks a lot!:cool:

And Ill post some pictures if something comes along on my path once I am there (will be leaving on monday!)

10-27-2006, 04:56 PM
Sander -

I'm still at work so can't type a novel right now but if you search aruba on this site you will get what you need.

Basically, I found fish at malmok, the cove in the corner as you enter Orangestaad, and caught jacks down at the kitesailing bay near baby beach.

The boats had albacore (true) by the bucketload just off the shore.

Tarpon stories haunted me at Spanish lagoon and the marina.

Low tide down at the Barcadera had bones but they had not come onto that small flat yet. They scooted around the dropoff and I had to leave.

Jacks were busting at the lighthouse, bait spraying out of the water all over the place.

good luck

Saw some fish breaking the surface at the dividivi one day.