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: Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders Fall Classic !!!...

10-20-2006, 10:18 PM
I received this from the Right Honourable Steve Farrar and thought this might be a good place to announce a great opportunity...

The Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders will be having it's 4th annual Fall Classic on Saturday, November 18. It's a unique, "low key" activity we've been having in Seaside Park, NJ providing a day of demonstrations, tying, flyfishing videos, and pointers to local hot spots along Island Beach State Park. The purpose is to share information and enjoy the camaraderie of flyfishing club members from the Northeast.

Several ASWF members, including myself and Bob Popovics will be hosting the hospitality suite(room 111 - Island Beach Motor Lodge in Seaside Park, NJ) beginning Friday afternoon Nov 17th. Through Saturday, we'll provide a variety of demonstrations and discussions. It's open to all and the only requirement is "just show up." There is no charge.

You are responsible for you own food, lodging(reasonable rates this time of year at the motor lodge), and safety. For further information, go to

and click on "Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders Fall Classic" on the front page.

Feel free to email me with any questions.

Steve Farrar
President - Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders

10-21-2006, 07:54 AM

Should be a great event.

Anyone from these "latitudes" considering making the trip down? :smokin:

10-24-2006, 08:47 PM
Hi Adrian
I have gone down to Jersey and ASWF clave for the last couple of years. It's a good time with clubs from New Jersey, New York and Delaware participating in the weekend. It's great to go to the hospitality suite and listen to Bob Pop do his presentation like he is in your living room. It's a totally different way of fishing down there. Without 4 wheel drive you are pretty limited because the beaches go on for miles in either direction. Jetty fishing is a huge pastime down there with the bravest going out to the end. I will be going down on Thursday to meet up with my friend from Philly. We will hook-up with a group we belong to from Delaware and fish the beach up to the Atlantic City limits. If you are interested. e-mail me and I will give you more info. Hope to see you at IBSP.