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10-17-2006, 06:46 AM
My wife and I took a long weekend on Nantucket sans kids. We've been to the Vineyard a lot but this was the first time on ACK, I hope to get back there annually. This was not a fishing vaca but my better half knows I'm a fishing nut so we worked that into the activities.
Rented a Jeep with the stickers, drove the beaches, and did the tourist thing in town. Great Point reminds me of how Wasque use to be before the storms. It was definitely a surfcasters / 2hander game on the outside since there were no stripers in the suds. Blues out beyond the 3rd wave kept most folks busy, as did the seals. Clean water and crisp skies were enough to keep me happy though I did manage a blue with little effort. I was hoping for some hard tails and from what the friendly locals said they've been around, but like so many places this year the action has been sporadic at best.

I probably wouldnít have posted this since it isnít much of a report and has little to do with fly fishing but the recent hubbub about the guide out of Cross Rip Outfitters made me very curious so I decided to check it out. The woman/owner of the shop was pleasant and we chatted for nearly Ĺ hour. When I asked about the fishing she echoed what many of the locals had to say, weird year. What should be happening isnít, they donít know if it will be late or happen at all and while there may be many theories know body really knows why. Some days itís hot and starts to get going, then it will blow for a few days and things shut down. If I were to hire a guide I would not hesitate to do so through Cross Rip.

Talked to a local on the ferry ride home and got the whole scoop on the bonito bar - I only wish it was a shorter ride from the mainland, sounds like a blast.