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: Sean Juan arrives to slow fishing

Dble Haul
10-09-2006, 11:27 AM
Sean Murphy (aka Sean Juan) spent the weekend with me fishing the CT coast. The comaraderie was great, but the fishing was surprisingly disappointing.

We fished Clinton Harbor on Saturday, and Westbrook Harbor on Sunday. They were two days of contrast in terms of wind (20-25 on Saturday, light and variable on Sunday), but both days we found hordes and hordes of adult bunker. The real problem was the lack of fish on this big bait. We spotted a few large stripers coralling the bunker on Sunday, but that was it. We had fished the areas (which were new to me as well) on a tip from a friend, and even those that we ran into gave us the old "you should have been here a few days ago" routine.

We were throwing very large flies, so that in and of itself may have kept us from catching fish (albiet smaller ones). Our goal was big fish, and Sean surprised the both of us by catching a large fluke on a 5/0 Sedotti Slammer. Sean got to test drive my Atlantis rod and seemed to like it a lot. I had to double check my gear at the end of the day to be sure it wasn't in the back of his pickup, heading north on I-95. :wink:

Good paddling exercise, good company, and poor fishing.....I thinkt that the water is still warm, and if things up north are any indication, we're going to be fishing well past Thanksgiving this year.

10-09-2006, 04:36 PM
Mark, Sean Juan is a fishing machine. I've fished with him a couple of times on the Cape, and admire his tenacity.

On another note, the southside of the cape has not been continually productive. I've moved to the bayside, and there is a lot of bait, birds, and of course, fish. In fact there are a lot of fish, but the big boys aren't here yet. The bait is silversides and sand eels. The peanuts aren't here yet. I suspect, based on other reports, they are still north, and should head south shortly. The water temp today on the bayside was 61 degrees.

Sean Juan
10-10-2006, 07:46 AM
Thanks for having me down Mark.

Fishing CT was a great learning experience, given that the water and structure is much different than Cape Cod.

I think the next phase of my education is going to focus on fishing for bass that are keying on adult bunker. It was simply amazing to watch how easily the big bass worked over the school, how deliberate their attacks were, and how much patience these fish showed. They ignored panicing snagged Bunker and keyed on nearly dead ones which had fallen off the trebles after repeated casting by a spin fisherman. Slammers, Flash flies, Mark's awesome looking feather duster fly were all simply ignored.

And yes I must say I did like the Atlantis - what I really liked was how easily Mark could sling a large fly with it. The Sedotti Slammer is about my practical limit with a 10wt, for the Atlantis it might as well have been a dry fly.

Hey Jim,

I found some nice fish on the Bayside in Welfleet, I think maybe that NE wind tucked some bait into Great Island.