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10-09-2006, 06:01 AM
What a picture perfect day, FAC in the morning and scored a keeper bass on the fly. Always a recipe for good memories in my book, especially as the winter months roll in.

Tom and I hook up on South Cape Beach and start the morning hunt. Incoming tide is bringing frigid water in probably due to the hard north blow over the last few days. Looking pretty sterile there so we move on.

Finally find some bait, good amounts in fact, but nothing on them. Move again. We see some activity on the surface and scoot over to find rips setting up pretty nicely. POP POP - the first hardtails sighted.

I hook up the keeper bass to shake the skunk. After that Tom gets into a blue. We look down on the reef in the sunshine and there are big bass hanging on the reef edge as we zip past.

Had a blast setting up and coming through the rip casting the leading edge, cross--current then a parting shot as we passed it. All three methods produced strikes.

The albies popped one more time and that was it. The dream of a Succonesset SLAM was shattered as the afternoon encroached and we had to get back to reality.

What a fantastic day on Vineyard Sound. Fishing was great, the catching was marginal and overall the hauntingly sterile state of the area was mind-blowing contrast to the exploding albies that were everywhere last year.

It's clear that the albies pushed into Nantucket sound on that warm push but the masses never came into Vineyard Sound as with other years.

The bass are still up on the North shore, harbor, and coming down the south shore, having swung the corner yet. Who would've thunk October on Wacky would be too early!

Anyway these bass were quite nice and the way they were set up on the reef made it exciting fishing. No complaints, this was probably the longest fishing day I've had since May. And a beauty it was, I even got a tan. :smokin:

Thanks Tom, you ARE boneclave '06 and I admire your conviction and good attitude. Should be weeks left with the migration running so late, hope we can get out again before the season is done brutha.

10-09-2006, 08:17 AM
I'd love to get out again too, Juro!

:hihi: :D all in all a great weekend... but man, am I sore!!! every muscle aches from getting pounded by those 5-7 footers we went through on Sat.

it was pretty cold at night, so Greg and I were glad I brought my little propane heater(a last minute thought).

Friday night we had to set up on campsite 2 to keep the boats from pulling out the achors in the wind.

when I woke up Sunday, it was a adifferent world, bright sun, flat calm.

I picked up Juro from the beach for a good day on the water.

without realizing it.. I became the clavemeister

albeit, clave of one...:Eyecrazy: :D

10-09-2006, 04:39 PM
I enjoyed our time at this years boneclave despite the sparse attendance and poor weather. One of the things that made it a great trip for me was my youngest son declaring it as the best fishing trip ever. He caught a bunch of stripers and lost just as many. He will hopefully remember it as alot of fun for many years, and want to go again. The oldest bailed out and now in his teens thinks fishing is boring.

I want to say Thank you Tom for being Clave Meister and bringing all that stuff with you to make it more comfortable on the island, sharing stuff, your food and drink. We had plenty of good food to eat and drink between us, and enjoyed your company. I was glad I saw you and we managed to share the same camp site as I was squatting on another with the wind and waves making for tough anchoring conditions earlier at the usual site.

We lacked the large numbers of albies this year, But the stripers and bluefish filled the gap pretty well despite the tough weather conditions. Looking forward to next years Boneclave, hopefully more will attend and the weather and fish catching will be better.

Tom - If you could E-mail me a couple of those pictures of me and Josh in full resoloution so I can print them I'd appreciate that. I'd like to make a couple momentos for Josh's room.

Wish I could have been there for Sunday's beautiful weather, seen Juro etc...
Next year...

Greg & Josh.

10-10-2006, 06:44 AM
Greg, my email is send me an email so I can send the pics

10-10-2006, 06:20 PM
. . . without realizing it.. I became the clavemeister

albeit, clave of one...:Eyecrazy: :D

And a damn good one at that, it seems :hihi:

Glad you guys had a good time. This was the second year in a row that I couldn't make it but I was there in spirit. While I was enjoying the weather here, I kept wishing I was at clave and wondered who did make the trip. Gotta make sure I'm there next year.