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10-07-2006, 09:16 PM
Just got back from 9 days on the Miramichi system and the water kept coming. I fished 3 days on the Little southwest in very low water the last couple days of September with no fish landed, but it rained the last day. Then I went to the Main Southwest in Upper Blackville and the water was rising. In fact with 2 more heavy rains the water rose a total of almost 3 feet!!

Despite rising water that was very cloudy I landed 9 fish in 5 days, 7 of them salmon. I "ran the Cains" and that was one of the day I limited out with 3 salmon and a grilse. When people say you can't get fish with rising water they are wrong!! People say when the water first starts to rise you might get one but after that forget it, disregard this advice. Put you fly in the water and take your chances. I went to an intermediate tip ( not a sink tip) and a larger fly, and a 2 handed rod to cover a lot of water on the Main river.

When I left the water was dropping and I think the conditions will be perfect for the last week.

Water temps were 51-55 F, but will likely be dropping with the cold nights.

Tight Lines,

Jim Y

10-07-2006, 09:18 PM
...another fish with the fly in the mouth( no blood or scales)