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: Hey gang!...off to Cuba for a couple weeks this coming Jan/Feb....

10-06-2006, 08:56 AM
Well, My mid-winter "get away from the snow and cold" vacation this coming year puts me into the Cayo Guillermo area of Cuba this year. I'm speaking about a strictly Husband/Wife/Friends getaway type holiday which I happen to do separately from the hard-core fishing holidays down south each spring (Eleuthera Bahama's).

I'm looking to find out if any board members have some advice to offer me in regards to fishing around Cayo Guillermo? We're staying at the Iberostar Daiquiri Feb 26 to Feb 9th. My long time fishing buddy visited there last year for a week and had mixed results throughout the major cold-front that blew through while he was there. We'll be there together this time.

I understand (through much "net searches") that there are some decent numbers of skittish baby Tarpon and the odd snook to be had in the channels/canals in front of the resort as well as a variety of other species available off the beach areas nearby.

I'm looking for some "in the know" type locations within reasonable commuting distance where I can target some bones/permits/poons etc....

I'm totally willing to spend 3 or 4 days with a guide and already have a line on one or two locals in that field ie) Juanito and Dunesky.

Are there any particular "bites" that I should be aware of that I'd miss out on unless clued-in?

I'm perfectly willing to correspond via "private messages" and would certainly share "insider" information regarding DIY fishing on the Mayan Riviera and Eleuthera Bahama's.

I firmly believe that "what goes around...comes around!!!" the sharing and exchange of information between those "in the know" pays dividends. The careless "spewing" of critical/confidential information over the "Net" only assures that your favorite/secret spot will be crowded the next time you pull up.

Sincere regards to those that respond...and an "understanding" wink of the eye to those that are keeping "tight-lipped" about their honey-holes!!!

Tight loops folks,

Henry Will
Oshawa Ontario

10-13-2006, 04:11 PM
Hi Henry,
don't know how it works for you, but there's this touroperator in the Netherlands who organises trips to Cuba. I've seen some reports and Matt Hayes has also fished there in a series called the buena vista fishing club (was on discovery in the netherlands).
This is what I found:
Las Salinas, located in the Zapata National park, has been closed for decades as a government military protected area. The area has just been opened, and Tropical Fly Fishing has been lucky to have now reliable contacts to book fishermen to this new Bonefish paradise. Las Salinas is a beautiful totally unspoilt and unfished area. The rule at Las Salinas is fly fishing only ! The boats are flat-bottomed non motorized with a maximum capacity of 1 guide and 1 fisherman. Your guide start to pole when you step inside.

But as I said, don't know how it works for you, Cuba is very big so maybe not in the area?
Good luck!

Tin Pusher
10-31-2006, 08:26 PM
Henry PM me.