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: A Must Have Cookbook about "Grilling"

11-21-2000, 07:44 AM
Saw a cookbook the other day that blew my mind. After working years in professional kitchens and 2 years in culinary school, I know an exceptional cookbook when I see one. Buy it if you're into grilling/BBQing sauces/salsas. It's incredible. Some of the recipes would be super additions to our Claves. You wouldn't beleive the fresh herbs and other spices in the sauces. Wild stuff.

Title: "Grilling"
Subtitle: "Where There's Smoke There's Flavor"
Authors: Eric Treuille and Birget Erath
ISBN #: 0-78945592-7


11-21-2000, 10:50 AM
You're speakin' my language buddy! Nothing like grilled food, in fact I've asked for one of those indoor kitchen grills from Costco for Xmas. I broiled some kabobs the other day - red peppers, onions and jumbo shrimp... in the oven. Missed the grill flavor.

Tried some cajun striped bass fillet in a large saute pan to go with the kabobs, some wild rice to go with it... outrageous.

11-21-2000, 11:26 AM
You won't venture out into the cold to get the taste of the grill? I can't believe that one.
I cook on the grill year round. Granted mine is a gas one, but I will brave cold and snow to cook on the grill. I am driven by the lack of pots and pans to clean, but that is a whole other issue.

11-22-2000, 07:41 AM
I shovel a path across my deck to get to the grill. Last winter I grilled at 6 degrees. The heat of the grill is plenty strong enough to overcome the load of the cold (with the lid closed of course).

One tidbit comes to mind about the cookbook I mentioned. The author takes a bundle of rosmary/thyme, ties it up into a bouquet (bouquet garne') and uses it as a paint brush for basting with various grilling sauces! I'm telling ya this book is wild.


11-22-2000, 08:10 AM
Nick and Terry,

I've been shamed into grilling thru the winter! Actually I see no reason why not. I see the lines at the ice cream windows are still quite long in New England!

10-01-2001, 03:44 PM
What a Rogue's Gallery of photos we could make up with this thread: "Winter Grillin' With..."

I can see it now, one-upsmanship at it's finest ! Mukluks, Down vests, FFF, etc., hats, bathing suits - oh, Man, does this idea sound scary - I don't wanna know what knobby kneed master of the surf Morin looks like in his winter finery at the helm of a glowing Sunbeam 8)