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: Loomis Metolius 13ft4in 5/6-3

Jamey McLeod
10-01-2006, 02:11 PM
Time to unload my Loomis 13ft4in 5/6 Metolius, barely fished it all summer. Rod is in great shape, only a bit of color on the cork. I will also include a WC 7/8/9 body with Rio 8wt tips, makes a great ultra light skagit setup.

$300.00 including line + shipping (paypal accepted for 3% fee).

Open to trade/partial trade offers, looking for a 14-15ft 8/9/10 of some sorts, maybe a CND Steelhead Specialist, T&T 1509, Sage 9150IIIe green, 10150, 10151, etc.......

Will go to ebay in a week or so.