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: Boneclave Albacore Recipe

04-20-2000, 11:06 PM

Please post that Albacore kabob recipe that you made up at Boneclave 99. I'll be forever thankful.

04-21-2000, 06:48 AM
Hey Anthony... it's IN THERE!!! Ssully, the true albacore kabobs listed below is to the best of my recollection the way those 'bobs were done. I used an herb and garlic marinade (Hellmann's) for the veggies, not Italian dressing as the recipe says, but I don't think that matters. The albacore was first rolled around in extra light olive oil, and then sprinkled (to your degree of preference) generously with Prudhomme's redfish magic. It's a simple recipe and makes you wish all those false albies were true's!

Terryclave's almost here!

04-21-2000, 05:38 PM

Thanks a gazillion!