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: Lynn Lynn the city of...Stripers?

09-24-2006, 01:52 PM
Since I couldn't make the planned cape trip this weekend I headed out to Lynn with Grego and found them in Lynn. I never had to cross the causeway to Nahant. There were birds,bait, and splashes in the marina area by Lynn Waterfront park. Good fall action to be had in a somewhat urban combat setting.
The 19" schoolies are now 20" fat and strong tigers. Grego took one at about 25".
we were on fish for about 3 hours, when they circled in near us of course.

My wife wanted to shoot out to Nahant today to visit the nana. So I observed the scene going and coming. Same time, same tide, day later-dead. Go figure. That bait must have got hammered into non existance Sat. While the ladies visited, my son and I went to the nearby cliffs and fished a bit. No fish to pick off the rocks today.