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: Blackened (or deeply browned) salmon or swordfish fillet

03-23-2000, 11:49 PM
For a salmon remove skin and row of fine bones above and along center seam near front of fish.

If thick, fillet the fillet or steak into half thickness. I cut the fillet into serving size pcs to simplify things at the table.

Pat with light olive oil both sides and sprinkle generously with Chef Paul Prodhomme's Blackened Redfish Magic spice (not the same as the crab garnish above).

I use a thick gourmet style non-stick pan heated to med-high with a splash of olive oil. Pan-fry until crispy on the edges yet moist in the middle.

Traditional recipe calls for white hot cast iron skillet, searing at super high heat until black encrusted. This should be done outside if tried, I prefer to just get it rich brown and slightly crispy.

Serve with asparagus, pilaf and a cold microbrew.