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09-18-2006, 12:14 PM
Prelude report of the Rhody Clave

Slinger and I were in separate boats Sunday morning fishing most of the same ground. Our paths never did cross. Later on in the evening we compared notes by telephone.

First off, It was a great day just being on the water. Very little north wind kept all of RI Sound much like a mill pond. Closer to shore there were some good wave surges and plenty of seals on planks to keep us entertained. Tides were good with a high at 4:45 am. Surprisingly the surface ocean water temps were still at 68.5 degrees. Very warm for this time of the fishing season. The air temps 75 degrees, but what a gorgeous day to be out on the water with friends.

Water was very clear in the open water. Along the shore was a different story. Most beaches were cloudy with sand and suspended seaweed. The bad news, not any bait in sight. We did come across a very small pod of adult pogies or shad, but nothing was chasing 'em and they quickly dispersed. Not one diving tern was seen all morning.

We worked hard all morning. Final total between three anglers was 3 stripers and 2 bluefish with several break off from bluefish. Carpenters Bar, Deep Hole and along East Matunick Beaches produce "0."
West Wall had no life either with the North wind conditions. Around Pt Judith and points north, we found the very few fish we caught. All were caught around rock structure closer to shore. All fish were isolate probably feeding on bottom creatures. No baitfish either along the Western facing shores.

Even with the poor results this weekend, I think we might be in pretty good shape for next weekend. Pray we have no more tropical storms. Colder weather hopefully could get it started again. The next few days the wind should be from the South and the water should clear up along the beach fronts. A few day like this and the bait may return. Some of it could started filtering from the upper bay where there is hordes of peanut bunker and bluefish around.

The only chance bonito and albies will show up along the South shore is food supply. These tunoids are "high octane" and need plenty of fuel to keep moving. Watch Hill and Weekapaug Breachway right now might be your best chance to locate 'em. Conditions seem better there with more food supply and tidal flow. Striped Bass and Bluefish action should improve along the shore if the ponds starts emptying some of the peanut bunker. The Salt Ponds and Little Watch Hill/Stonington area might be the alternative option next weekend if no bait shows along the South Shore.

Anyone else out this weekend? Please feel free to add or support your views.

09-18-2006, 01:40 PM
I fished the outgoing along Weakapauge beach Saturday night and found bass tight against the beachbreak. Not huge numbers, but enough to make the evening interesting including one keeper. Casting more than 20 feet perpendicular to the beach was a waste of time except for one pod of marauding bluefish that took over occupation of an otherwise productive rip for about twenty minutes.

I was expecting to find the water dirty but it was in pretty good shape and I didn't really have any trouble with weed. The earlier incoming tide might have been a different story?

Took a ride up to the big ditch Sunday morning and had some fun at the East end with bass between 04:00 and first light. Albies made sporadic appearances at the West end at the turn but in most cases they were gone before you could make a shot.

This week the weather forecast looks fairly settled at the moment, with the big storms staying well out in the Atlantic. Winds seem to be switching between NE and SW but nothing nasty in the forecast.

Fingers crossed for next week-end.

09-18-2006, 03:35 PM
We were out both days between Charlestown and the Race and had the same experience. Blues and sub-legal bass at low light but deadsville during the day. We found one school of blues that were over 30" which was a fun. What little bait we saw was 3-4 inches and definitely not the zilliions of anchovies we were hoping for.

We did have some shots at small groups of FA's but they were very scattered and not staying up.

09-18-2006, 04:05 PM
Bunch of guys fished the mouth of the channel on Quonny Sunday...first light. Nothing but snapper blues. The Thames River area is seeing some FA's and Bonito but they are mixed in with the blues.


09-19-2006, 03:42 PM
I concur. Sunday at WW was as dead as I have ever seen it. There really was not a stick of bait anywhere to be seen. The cormorants were hunting cunner around the rocks. Even the little 12 inch stripers that normally spend the whole season at the base of the jetty were missing. I rely on them for anti-skunk therapy when the albies don't show. I can honestly say I have never before failed to catch at least one tiny striper no matter what the conditions.

Weekapoug had very little bait inside but small pods of albies ran up and down the beach west of the breachway during the outgoing. I expected them to run in on the incoming but my companion decided he just couldn't handle standing around bored in tthe miserable hot sun for no reason. I tried to tell him the weather was gorgeous and the fish were due any minute but he didn't care. Oh well, hope he found something good on TV:lildevl:

The bait is the key - and we need some soon. There were good thick pods of bunker off WW a week ago and albies were all over them. Possibly the storm moved them off shore. Here's hoping they come back by Friday!

09-19-2006, 03:48 PM
Mike, still got the same hat? I thought I saw you out there at dawn, you should have given me a yell. The luck wouldn`t have changed but we could have covered a lot more fishless water.

09-20-2006, 11:17 AM
No more red hat. i wear a blue one now.
You prolly did see me, I saw you. i noticed you didn't stick around long and added that to the list of Really Bad Signs that the fishing sucked.
I would have flagged you down if I was alone. Unfortunately, my buddy had already decided he hated albie fishing by 8:00 AM, plus the sun was too hot for him:confused:
I'll be down this weekend with 3 of my boys, staying at burlingame. Will be doing dinner sat night at the campground. Stop by.