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: Shrimp Fra Diablo

03-14-2000, 08:18 AM
"Fra Diablo" means Friar Devil. Any "deviled" food is spicey. Friar is just a slang sir name. So one translation could be "Mr. Spicey".

Buy 12-15 shrimp, med sized , peel and devein leaving the tails on. Coat a saute pan (straight sided skillet works best)with olive oil. Chop 5 cloves fresh garlic and throw into oil and simmer a few minutes. Next add 2 tbs. chopped dried chili peppers (or any of your favorite type of hot pepper,use to taste depending on how hot you can stand it).
Simmer few mins. Add shrimp and a tblspoon of fresh or dried basil. Saute lightly till shrimp are almost done. Add 2 cups of diced (1/2") plum tomatoes (the riper the better) or 1 can of crushed tomatoes. Simmer till tomatoes are thouroughly cooked and mushy. Serve over pasta. Top with fresh chopped parsely and fresh grated romano cheese.

Use Calimari instead of shrimp, or both, or evan mussels, clams etc.
Add red wine or burgandy just before tomatoes

TerryW (retired Chef)