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09-05-2006, 06:33 PM
:frown: Just received a trial rod sent to Canada from USA. Sent by UPS!! There was a COD brokerage fee of $62 added. It is much cheaper to use USPS as they don't charge the extra fee-not sure why UPS does except to get $62. :frown:

09-06-2006, 08:20 AM
High spaydoc,

I had the same experience a year ago, I bought a pair of waders of E-Bay and the person sent them by UPS. It cost me double what I paid for them, with import charges and custom fees. If somebody will only use UPS for shipping to Canada I will not by from them no matter how bad I want the item.

My 2 cents worth,
Alan (Salmon guy)

09-06-2006, 08:49 AM
That's valuable info.

Sorry to hear about your experience, but hopefully others will be forwarned and avoid a lot of unexpected cost..