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: flyfishing magazine suggestion

08-31-2006, 07:39 PM
hi guys!

i live in Brazil, and i have subscribed the flyfisherman magazine...
well, it doesnīt bring so many useful articles to me... despite itīs
an amazing magazine.

which one would you guys suggest for me ( i fish on WARM WATERS -
peacockbass )?

what do you think about the FLYROD & REEL magazine?

any other suggestions?


09-01-2006, 08:06 AM
i like fly rod and reel magazine but, like most of the fly fishing magazines, it is mostly geared to cold water species with an article or 2 on salt water fishing. occaisionally there is an article on largemouth or smallmouth bass. i have seen a few articles here and there on peacock bass. i get to the amazon every year myself to fish for peacocks so i always look for articles. there are a lot of magazines dedicated to bass fishing and i notice that they offer more articles on peacock bass fishing since there are similarities in the fish and the fishing. i have found the articles to be more informative. problem is those magazines do not have much on fly fishing. there are also a nuber of web sites about amazon/peacock fishing, but i find that they are geared more toward the north american travelling fisherman.