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: Yarn indicator?

08-27-2006, 10:15 AM
I've heard of yarn indicators for choronomid fishing -where the leader is so long that when you reel the line in all the way the indicator needs to fit through the eyes of the rod. What kind of yarn is best and how do you attach it without it slipping or is there another system that works good thats easy to move up and down your line? thanks

08-28-2006, 05:36 AM
Hi Wadecalvin,
I tie my own strike indicators with yarn, a thing I learned from my fishing buddy. Itīs quite simple so let met try to explain it here. What you need is eggyarn (colors you prefer), something rubbery (I use rubber (in dutch itīs called top-elastic) that fisherman use in their rods, the type of rods without a reel) but I think every type of low diameter rubberband will do (for example rubber legs).
So you need those two things, the eggyarn and a piece of elastic.
take some eggyarn, the amount of eggyarn you take will determin the size off the indicator. Take the strain of eggyarn in your hand, cut it about 4 inches long. Now take your thread and start winding around the strain of yarn in the middle. Make like 10 wraps around the middle. Now fold the two ends towards each other. You now have a loop of the yarn with the thread in the center of the loop. Pull the two strains next to each other and make like ten turns around the both strains, a few milimeters away from the end of that loop.
Now tie in the rubber on this base of thread you just made, one end on each side and leave a small loop. Tie it off and if you want you can secure it with a droplet of crazy glue. Now trim the two remaining pieces of yarn at the lengt you want to make a need strike-indicator. Done!

How to use it? You take some grease(?) for dry flies and rub it on the yarn to make it float. Then just make a loop in your leader (knotless loop) and loop to loop connect your indicator to the leader. Lightlys pul both loops. If you now stretch the leader, the rubber band will be nicely clamping on the nylon. You can still move it up and down the line if you want, pulling it a bit makes it grip harder on the line.

If itīs not clear enough what i just wrote above (my english doesnīt seem to work today), let me know and iīll try to make some pictures.

good luck!

08-28-2006, 06:28 AM
Waters west sells Phillip Rawley style indicators that are made just for long leader chronomid fishing. they are made of cork like the frog hair indicators but have a small rubber stopper with a hole in it running through them. You string both cork and rubber onto your line before affixing your flies. Then when you have figured out the depth you throw a small loop in the tippet at that depth, and fix the indicator there. When the tension from the big-ol-trout and you setting the hook on said trout pulls the loop out of the indicator it slides freely up and down your line.