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: Weekend report - sat 8/26

08-27-2006, 09:04 AM
Weather window of opportunity allowed Sam, son Clarence and I to board Rip Ryder with highest of hopes. Great tide, bluebird and frankly not another soul in sight on our side. We could see Craig and Fred, one other angler on the other side.

Quick casting refresher for Clarence and off we go... Sam finds them right away. Once the tide gets going things get pretty good with lots of doubles.

The fish we saw outnumbered the fisherman 100:1 including the guys on the other side. The fish were very fat, some looking distinctly pot-bellyish and in excellent health probably due to the bunkerfest. They hit hard and fought harder pretty much consistently through the day; none small and none huge although a few could have been measured but were released gently. Some giants cruising in the mix as usual and late in the tide some really big singles in the skinniest water (you know the type).

All in all a great day to be out.

PM bonus round - after last weekend's bonus PM stint on the lighthouse beach was so interesting I repeated to find a ghost town. A huge group of seals forming a massive brown island on the centrally located bar might have something to do with it.

That and no bunker to be seen; just a few silverside schools way up inside the basin, seems they found safe haven since last week. Might be a target of hunting bass at night but I would imagine bass of any significant size would remain in the offshore rips and shoals where they have been for months.

Sam reported an endless mass of peabunker on Race Pt so we could be between shots of bunker. We saw some on the flats that were aptly greeted by stripers busting on them as they moved along but very small qty overall, in fact largely void. The stripers were still expecting them though and this made them very aggressive.

Did not get up to fish Nauset as hoped after dark, and big girl bar did not get me excited enough to stay overnight as duties called so I am back at the computer working out a few quirks for a couple projects I need to get back on track by tomorrow.

Noticed as I left the wind laid down FAC and the night fishermen last night must have had a good night for FF especially in estuaries which were stiill as glass and not a leaf was wiggling on the trees. Sean, Adrian, Greg D, and all the other 'night crawlers' probably had a good night I thought as I drove.

We're well past the halfway point in the striper year, not sure how many days like that are ahead before winter but that sure was a gem!

08-27-2006, 10:53 AM
What a contrast, great fishing but lockjaw catching in the southway area Saturday. I beat myself up sightcasting in a way you would only do with a day of blind casting. Lots of nice fish but after the turn, early, they were impossible. My modus operandi is to fish a fly 'til I loose it. I think I tried more flies in a day than I do in a season. Interesting day. I'd have felt real bad about myself if Craig the fish magnet didn't have the same results.

Bayside Sunday catching was great, fishing ok, too easy and too many small fish. The fish were super grabby, even the bigger fish that showed on the turn. It was a no miss on schoolies through the bottom and the bigger fish at the turn were easy, then things died as the flood got going. Fish are in that bunched up mode and following the bait.

08-27-2006, 12:00 PM
My avatar was effective at the canal this weekend...weighted with an extra ounce of shot for the 100 yard cast :smokin:

They were biting flies in tight after the East turn on floating lines pretty good, as well..

At daybreak Sat my buddy's and my head turned pretty quick when we heard a massive break....A Bluefin passing through...Sat had miles of breaking fish....

08-27-2006, 12:24 PM
Too bad you didn't hook that puppy! That would be something.

08-27-2006, 12:49 PM
They do pass through once in a while...I don't know of any known claims of hooking one....although I know of fishers that have burned the skin off their thumbs trying to apply additional drag to their conventionals for fish they could not stop and turn.