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: A morning on the refish flats

08-27-2006, 07:49 AM
O Dark Thirty. Made a quick stop for coffee and gas (for the boat and for my belly) and put the boat in as the light was coming over the trees. Ran up the creek on the rising tide. Shrimp were moving in front of the boat in a wave. Looking up we could see big humps pushing across the back of the creek. It seemed that the red dawgies were pushing the shrimp the way you would bird hunt. As they moved across the flat the shrimp would flush away and the reds would nail them. We moved into position. I saw one crawling against the bank and flipped a size 1 Dahlberg Diver and pulled it once. The fish disappeared for a second and I thought he was spooked ... until he blew up on my fly. He took off with my line in tow and made a nice run to the end of it. Got him in. He had taken that thing right down. We proceeded down the bank and tried to cast to the faster moving fish that were hunting for shrimp. Not much success getting a fly in front of any. Something else to work on. We tried with the spinning rod and got one on a spinnerbait and we continued on in this matter for a while. At the appointed time we made a run for the grass to look for tailers. We found them. First stop showed us a couple tails but no hookups. Second stop was the one. I looked over a clump of grass and saw a shimmer, then another fish flipped it's tail further back. A third showed it's back over to the right of the other two. Nat Fly was on the bow. We watched in amazement as two of the fish slowly swam right up to each other and seemed to have a conversation with their noses inches apart:
"Whatcha doin over there?"
"Eatin crabs. How bout you?"
Yup, eatin crabs. See ya."
...and they went about their business. My buddy had a bit of a moment when he couldn't figure out which one to cast to and tried to cast to both of them as they swam in opposite directions. Next two casts were the ones. He measured it out with first one, a little long and to the left, next one he put on the money about 10 inches in front. You could see a little shimmy and a tail shake. Then the fish exploded on the poor little Grass Crab! It rain straight at the boat.
"Oh man! I lost him."
"I don't think so he's still on!"
"He sure is!"
Next was my turn. We were able to keep the boat away from the other two fish and they were still there. I tried for the one on the left. I made what I thought was a great cast, the fish was coming to it, I gave a little tug and felt the fly wrap around a stalk of grass. A little tug to attempt to free the fly and the fish, which was 3 inches away at the time, decided that was just too much and blew out leaving a rooster tail. The other was still there. About 70 feet away. I made a couple nice shots. The fish even tried to eat it once, with an audible pop I took the fly away.
"He's still there."
"Yeah I see 'im."
He was crossing from left to right about 40 feet out. Dropped it about 6 inches in front of him. He swam on by and didn't even slow down. I tightened up and there he was. Zzzzzzzip.
"How did you know he even ate it?"
"I didn't. I figured he either had it or he didn't."
And that was the end of our morning. In the words of Master Yoda, "A good one it was."

08-27-2006, 04:54 PM
Great report! We on the striper forum appreciate your reports on our bro further south. The striper and redfish have a lot in common. Both brutes in similar environments and similar flies to match the bait, make them favorites for pull, and brute strength.

Question: I've got to leave the Cape for a few days after Labor Day for a family get together on Ocean Isle, I think midway between Wilmington and Myrtle Beach. Should I pack a 9wt? If so, got any general locations, and fly types?

08-27-2006, 08:10 PM
Ocean Isle Beach. There are creeks and such between the beach and the mainland. you will need some sort of watercraft. i have never been down there. I am about 3 hours from there. there will be reds and trout in the creeks. 9 wt will be overkill.

08-28-2006, 07:17 PM
Here's the pic: