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: Mid-August Seafood Dinner

08-22-2006, 10:22 AM
Raw Welfleet oysters with garnishes (tabasco, lemon, horseradish, cocktail, etc)
- keep on ice prior to shucking
- bed of ice after preserving the 'essence' liquid

Fresh shrimp cocktail (not that frozen gummy stuff)
- boil quickly with celery greens in the water
- cool immediately and serve on ice with lemon and cocktail sauce

Wild alaskan sockeye on the grill
- try Chef Pauls' new grilling spice for salmon!
- a tuna can full of applewood and alder alongside the coals makes it primo, let it smoke until your eyes water

Local B&S corn
- soak in husk, cover with foil and place on upper racks of grill 5 minutes prior to cooking fish and through fish cooking time

Couscous w/ pine nuts
- takes 5 minutes of sitting time once water boils

Marinated mozzarella, architchoke hearts with olives and grape tomatoes
- I buy this at the deli

UFO hefferweissen, Widmer Hefferweissen, or your favorite seafood accompanyment...

I like handmade margaritas:

In a shaker:

3 shots Sauza hornitas tequila
3 half shots Cointreau
1/2 lime in Mexican squeezer, whole lime if by hand
2 shots Daleys premix
1/2 fresh orange squeezed in use a spoon, let pulp fall into shaker

rim glass with lime and salt edge
thin slice of lime and thin half slice of orange (for the ladies)
let stand in ice for a couple of minutes to smooth out, then shake and pour

(I made this dinner the other night and my wife said it was better than most restaurants she can remember)