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: Big Fish - not the movie

Sean Juan
08-21-2006, 03:00 PM
I've been living on Cape Cod for two years and this will be my first Autumn to fish it - long story - actually short last year I fell off a roof and broke some of the bones necessary for fly fishing.

I've learned a lot over the past seasons and caught a lot of fish but I haven't learned how to zero in on the larger fish. I've been concentrating mostly on Barnstable harbor by kayak, and fishing the outer beaches at night. I don't sight fish much because I don't see too well, and concentrate on structure: river mouths, rips, bars and imitate the bait as well as I can. I've caught a few larger fish but not consistently I'd have to say it was mostly by dumb luck.

Any pointers?

Oh ya I never wear waders because I feel my hairy legs offer baitfish the perfect habitat.

Dble Haul
08-21-2006, 03:11 PM
A case in point regarding the hairy legs...

Sean, I honestly think that you will encounter a higher percentage of the large fish come fall when they hit the suds solidly on the beaches. The bait is bigger and the large fish tend to lose their inhibitions about feeding in daylight within shore flyrod range. Wellfleet, P-Town, Truro....that whole upper tip with the exceptionally deep water very close to shore is dynamite when things get moving in September and October.

I'm still checking with Command Central regarding what time in October would be best for your visit. Stay tuned...:)

08-22-2006, 08:32 AM
A few thoughts...

Deep fast rips have put a lot of really big (35-45") fish on the line for me. In fact since I figured out how to work the 'big girl bar' that spot has produced more big fish for friends and I than I can count albeit not consistently as it changes day to day. Put on a very fast sinking line and a fly with an up-riding point and work the current breaks on the bottom with the crabs.

Sight fishing is a great way to know you are on big fish. Maybe a pair of glasses would help ;) Living on the cape gives you opportunities on bluebird days when the rest of us might be mowing the lawn. You have plenty of submarines where you are fishing now, the bayside has had great fish this year.

Big fish on the backside are concentrated in spring but the major population are shoaling with the bait away from the beach and in feeding in the rips. They come in occasionally and at night when the bait does and you just have to find them so coverage is key.

As Harry witnessed the other day, once in a while the pre-dawn hours creates a massive blitz of huge fish on big bait and drives it onto the beach. If you are standing there you will have the day of your life on 30# bass.

There is definitley a 'roulette' component no matter what you do. But I think playing the colors and numbers will put you in the game more as time goes on.

Although I haven't been fishing much (with the guiding, instruction and fulltime work week) I like to spend the time I have sight fishing simply because I know without any doubt that I am onto big fish or not before I even cast and can make adjustments accordingly.

That being said I do catch a high percentage of big fish in deep rips and on Nauset.

Good luck and hang in! Like Mark says the best is yet to come