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: Maine cliff fishing report

Dble Haul
08-21-2006, 08:32 AM
So what do you when you travel to Maine for your grandmother's 80th birthday party and it's over by 5:00PM?

Why you go fishing with your dad, of course. :cool:

We stole away to fish the last hour of daylight from some cliffs in Cape Elizabeth. The tide was coming in, there was some very nice white water crashing the rocks, and the wind direction was perfect to keep the bugs away. My dad doesn't like to fly fish in such situations, so he threw plugs while I threw a banger on a floating line, mending over waves when I had to. Wave spray occasionally made it up to our position above the water, giving us opportunities to laugh ourselves silly at each other.

Final tally: one fish apiece. Mine was first and just above the slot limit, while dad's was right in the middle of the slot. We kept it so mom could make some chowder.

What a great way to spend an hour. :smokin:

Sean Juan
08-21-2006, 01:48 PM
Sounds like fun.

And its Chowdahhh you idiot, say it right.

Dble Haul
08-21-2006, 02:06 PM
Say it! Say it!

I'll kill you all, especially those of you in the jury!

(Sorry folks, blatant Simpsons references above.)