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: Green Undertaker

Earle Fletcher
08-18-2006, 10:32 AM
The original of this pattern of this was given to me by Tom Balash of Storytown, N.B. 15 years ago. He called it his GUT fly. I tried out one September morning on the Miramichi River in Blackville after 3 trips through our pool without so much as a "pull". One hour later I was done for the day, landing 3 grilse and one salmon. It has been I favorite Miramichi salmon fly ever since. It works on the Miramichi in July too. My favorite two other flies on the Miramichi are Ally's Shrimp and the Yellow Butterfly, but I seldon use them as the Green Undertaker works so well.

Hook : Up eye Salmon
Tag : Flat Silver Tinsel
Butt : 1/2 Red and 1/2 Chatreuse Nylon Streach Floss
Tail : Chatreuse Floss
Body : Dark Green Floss
Rib : Fine Silver Oval
Wing : Black Squirrel
Collar: Chatreuse Hackle
Head : Black

Earle Fletcher

08-18-2006, 01:39 PM
Interesting fly Earl. I could see this one working well on just about any “green” river and then some. I will have to tie some of them up for my next trip. Thanks for posting it.