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: Used, abused and renewed

08-15-2006, 10:22 PM
Unless I'd been carp fishing, the fly that you'd most likely have found tied to my 7wt during the past 3 months was a green foam head diver with a fishair tail and marabou collar. This particular fly has caught pike, pickerel, LMB, SMB, rock bass, bluegill, crappie and yellow perch, and the other day I even had a small brown trout chasing and hitting it repeatedly. When I tied the fly I needed it right away so I just used superglue to attach the head (rather than epoxy) and I didn't bother to add eyes or a weedguard. After unhooking a few fish the head came unglued, so I pulled the head off, wrapped a chewed piece of bite tippet around the shank and put the head back on. It still spun around a little and needed to be repositioned often, but having the detachable head made it easier to unhook the fish when they engulfed the fly, which was usually the case if it was a pike, pickerel or largemouth. I'd lost several similar flies due to bite-offs in the past, so I'd started using a 40# fluoro bite tippet. As a result, this fly survived longer than the rest, but it gradually lost bits of foam (mostly from my pliers) and it lost enough of its bouyancy that it started taking longer to resurface. I generally like to fish these divers using quick short pulls, allowing the fly to float back up before the next tug so it stays right on the surface, but because of the heavy fluoro tippet and the waterlogged, disintegrating head the fly stopped floating up as fast as I liked. I started giving the fly a few tugs right after the cast and then retrieving quickly to make another cast, which made the fly run a few inches below the surface. I quickly discovered that the fish like to eat the fly when it's retrieved underwater too :cool: . Here's what the fly looked like after several nice largemouths and one deceivingly strong pike that I got on Sunday. I was ready to grab the camera until I saw that the pike was only about 24"/4lb.

08-15-2006, 10:26 PM
Here's what the fly looks like now, after sliding on a new head and catching a bunch of pickerel at the pond tonight.

08-16-2006, 06:36 AM
Looks like that fly is ready to go into battle with that helmet on. Last summer I caught several chain pickeral on a size 2 Zoo cougar. Unfortunately for the cougar the pickerals teeth really messed with his head. :hihi:


08-16-2006, 07:00 AM
Q -

I spent some time messing around with those diver style heads for striper and coho and experienced the same problems in terms of 'collateral damage' especially when dem blues were around. They work awesome and I can see how they would be deadly in freshwater!

A few things that worked - coating with thinned aquseal puts a semi-flexible extremely durable film on the outside but is expensive and the rest of the tube is shot; epoxy which is heavier due to thickness, brittle and yellows.

Leaving the head loose and tying the body in the round will allow you to replace and reverse the head when you want a banger effect.

I tie my striper poppers on tubes now, just push the nylon tube thru the foam with some zap-a-gap on it. A large diam of flex tube is put over the inner tube and holds the hook eye.

I haven't tried the tube on the diver style head but I have a bunch in various colors and I'll bet its a winner for hardtails.... hmmm...

thanks for the ideas