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: South County to the Race 8/12-13

08-14-2006, 10:15 PM
Dragged the boat down to Mystic, CT this past weekend to visit my parents. Splashed it at Barn Island and made the run out around Napatree to Weekapaug and back to the Mystic River on Saturday. In a word...Bait. More bait than I've ever seen. It was everywhere. P bunker and silversides like carpets along the sea. Birds working everywhere because there was no need for the bait to be pushed to concentrations on the surface. It was already THAT concentrated. A few splashes around Napatree point, but other than that no fish to be found. Midday run, didn't expect much. Saw a few fish up inside the Weekapaug Jetty...that was about it.

Sunday morning out at first light from the Mystic River to find bait and blues just about everywhere. Steady pick on anything with a hook in it until the tide finally slacked at our last location, the Race.

Great weekend on the water, just wish all that bait had some funny fish in tow. Didn't hang around long enough on Sunday, but I bet it blew open when the tide turned...