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: Atlantic Salmon Fly of the week – Bryson Sheep

08-11-2006, 08:32 AM
Joe Hubert invented the Sheep series of flies back in the 70,s. Hubert originally designed the fly to imitate eels or elvers as they are some times called. This style of fly has proved itself well in North America as well as Russia’s Kola Peninsula. This version of the Sheep series, the Bryson Sheep, may be the most popular of the series. It was designed by William Bryson and named by Ernie Schweibert. Bryson was the former Director of Outdoor Recreation of the province of Nova Scotia.

Hook: Up eye salmon hook.
Tag: Fine flat silver tinsel.
Body: Black wool dressed thin.
Wing: Black hair under yellow hair.
Throat: Blue hackle fibers.
Cheek: Jungle cock.
Head: Red