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: Fishing in the Gloucester Area 8/9/06

08-09-2006, 08:54 AM
I normally fish in and around Plum Island, but tonight I thought I would try something new. Any suggestions for the Gloucester area (Winggaersheek, Annisquam, etc). I will be wade/shore fishing. I normally fly fish, but I also carry a spinning rod and throw plastics or spinners. I don't know the area at all so please be specific.....

Also, if anyone would like to join me, please let me know. I plan on arriving up there by 5pm.


08-09-2006, 09:13 AM
Wingaersheek opens for free access at 4pm but they need you out by dusk I think. So you have a good option there. Get there earlier if you can, and park off to the far right.

Walk the beach well into the Annisquam River; it will be low tide and a big minus at that. You can fish into the channel and as the tide comes in you will catch fish. I've seen some nice fish there but there are a lot of schoolies around.

I would walk to the south (right) as the tide encroaches around 6pm fish will move into the river. There are two creeks, the second one is better but you have to be able to cross the first to get back so I would fish the first creek once the water really starts to come and it will.

If you are a walker you could also hoof it from the North side to Essex river mouth which is gorgeous but there is no parking anywhere near it.

Working your way along the opposite shore of Annisquam burns up a lot of time but there are a few public accesses and boat launches and the fish do get active in there on the flood. I've done well over there but it's very tide dependent and you won't have enough time to explore it.

I would fish Wingaersheek into the Annisquam to the creek if I were you. Swing the fly close to the bottom in snag-free areas when the current is strong and strip it lively when the tide is slack.

The lifeguards prohibit fishing on the main beach but they leave around 4:30. Take a peek in the kiddie pool tide pools along the mouth of the Annisquam. It's packed with shrimp eating bass.

08-09-2006, 10:58 AM

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08-09-2006, 11:03 AM
The Essex is getting tons of mention on another board. I would avoid the crowds and go anywhere but there.

Good Luck!

08-09-2006, 09:28 PM
Just returned from Wingearsheek beach and had a great time! Got there at 5pm(low tide). Fished down into the river up to the second creek. No luck until the tide started moving (about 7pm). I positioned my self at mouth of the first creek and over the next hour hooked up 7 or 8 stripers and a couple of blue fish. All of the stripers were about 20". As usual, I fished a two fly setup with a heavy clouser at the end and a small and lighter (about a #4 hook) fly about 3 feet from the end on a dropper setup. I always seem to have better luck with this setup. I ended up with some single stripers, a double blue and a blue/striper combo. Lots of fun!

Thanks again for the advice,

08-09-2006, 09:32 PM
I love it when someone does what I wish I could've done for me when I can't!

Yogi Berra might've said something like that :hihi:

Glad it worked out, nice spot and yes some big fish do frequent the area when the bigger bait is in. Choose a similar tide mid-day and the sight fishing is quite good.