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: Ross Canyon #6 for a Spey reel?

02-19-2001, 11:18 AM
Anyone thinking about the new Ross Canyon Big game reel for a Spey reel? I am picking one up for a SWFF reel this year and and thinking it will double as a Spey reel in the #6 size.

Here is a link to their specs...


02-19-2001, 03:36 PM

My next rod purchase will be a Sage 8126 (if they lengthen the handle). I was considering the Ross Big Game #6 for use on this rod.


02-19-2001, 04:04 PM

While I have not yet seen the Canyon, I have been using the Ross Saltwater V for 4 years as my Spey reel of choice. I love it and it gobbles up my custom Speydriver line and 300+ yds of 30lb dacron. I was somewhat saddened by Ross discontinuing the reel but it seems that they may have given it a facelift and called it the Canyon. It is funny as they never really seemed to market the Saltwater Series as it wasn't even in their brochures. I will say though, that if the Canyon is of the same quality as the Saltwater V it will be an awesome spey reel. BTW - I just checked the Livin' Large II piece - nice...

02-19-2001, 04:25 PM
I have not actually fished the Canyon but I have sold a few of them since they came out and everyone loves them and the price!!
They are amazing reels and I believe that if Ross priced them at 100 or 150 dollars more they would still sell.
Plus you are getting the ROSS lifetime warranty which is great. Send the reel back to ROSS and you have a new reel in less than a week, no questions asked.

I fished the 8126-3 Graphite IV yesterday. Talk about a rod with a lot of potential. And as you said, I believe that if they lengthened the handle the rod which fish a little easier.
I was throwing a Rio Anadramous Dredger on it all day. The 200 grain was pretty lite and would not load the road, thus I was single handing it all day so I could double haul and get the line speed necassary to cast it. The 300 managed to load the road so I could two-hand overhead cast but it was still very uncomfortable to cast and my arms and back are paying the price at this moment. Put a true spey line on it like Mid-Spey or Windcutter etc. the rod would be a rocket!!! And it is so light that you would not notice at all, casting it all day.

BTW-Thanks to Sinktip and Bunnyleach for a great trip down the Sauk yesterday. We had 7 vis in the morning, about 3 at 11 and at 1 we were down 18 inches, yet the water was still dropping. A couple dollies and unseen, most likely steelhead, LDRed by Bunnyleach. No fish but what a beautiful river. Managed to mark a couple spots I could walk into this April where no game warden could find me...kidding. :)

02-19-2001, 06:18 PM
I got to tell you that standing upriver watching Ryan perched on a rock midriver double-hauling 80' of line out was a thing of beauty. Bunnyleach and I both commented that A River Runs Through It came to mind. The kid can cast!