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: Chef Paul Does It Again!!!

08-08-2006, 06:15 AM
Mr Prudhomme has made me a grillside hero many times over the years, but this one is just too easy and gets my salmon fillets tasting better than any restaurants!

The Mrs and I had a dose of our ol' Seattle flavor last night...

wild troll caught king salmon with the above and a half dungeness crab with a little couscous and pine nuts and a lot of asparagus, fresh lemon and a hefferweissen.

OK the couscous and heff blew the carbs up there a bit but it reminded me of the kind of grilled dinners we enjoyed in August while living a few miles from Puget Sound.

Swam a few laps and I am sure I burned off a good percentage, man that's good exercise!

Anyway that spice is truly... MAGIC!