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: Pisquataqua River AUG5,

08-07-2006, 04:06 PM
Fished the Incoming 4AM-9:30AM. Not allot of fish caught, and no big fish caught but a Satisfying Trip Non the less. I have never had a spectacular day on this river but it is one of my favorite places to fish. The various types of structure there is what I like about it. We started before Sun up. First Stop was to fish the Power Plants. These lighted areas always hold fish before sun up. This AM was no exception with Fish busting bait. Was tearing the bass up, I was driving the boat and Harassing my newbie budy about not being able to hook up. I think it was the “ Na Na Na Na Na Trout Boy can’t catch me “ taunt that finally turned it on.
He Landed His First Striper Ever!


From there it was onto an unusual spot where a pond empties into the river. There was tonof Bait little ¼”jumping out of the water and Bass lying around like Cord wood. A couple was caught but the fish were picky and Lazy. Quite a sight.

From there it was across from the shipyard, a couple fish but the sun was a bit high and we were losing the tide. Went to Pepperell Cove at High tide. Drifted around and caught a few. The newbie now was showing us how it was done now. Using his secret fly striped slowly along the flats.


By this time it was High slack tide and time to Pack it in.

Hit one more spot but it was over.

Plan on getting out this week after work, looks like things are heating up. The Essex River has had allot of press lately. Tough to get to though. Anyone know a ramp close to there?

08-07-2006, 04:11 PM
There's a ramp right at Brown's Marine, but you can't park there- you have to park over behind the Town Hall on RT. 22. Can be real tough at low water if you don't know where you're going.:eek:

08-07-2006, 05:36 PM
The biologists say that the Pisquataqua has the biggest stripers in the region. I haven't proven that one way or the other for myself, but it's an intruiging thing to keep in mind and I hope to explore it and the it's giant system someday.

If you hit it a lot and don't mind some company to share gas fare let me know and would like to test a few theories out.

Essex is a nice piece of water but access is tough whether from shore or boat. When Essex is hot Annisquam is not far ahead / behind and that's very accessible and I've done well from shore.

Damn greenheads seem to be at a peak population this year!:Eyecrazy:

08-07-2006, 11:32 PM

The river fished well for me in early July but I have not fished it for a while. Glad to hear that you had a good outing. If you ever see a yak in the lee behind some of the big granite pilings near the shipyard then that is me!


08-08-2006, 12:22 PM
I have heard about 50"+ fish being caught in the river. Mostly bellow the DAM's feeding the river.
I have caught my Smallest striper ever there. Was 5" long. Definetlly a breading population in there.

You guys are welcome aboard anytime. I fish from Great Bay to MV. Most of my time is Spent in Boston HABA. Boat is as snag free as I can get it , is super dry and seaworthy and uses no Gas! My gas gage did not even move after last weeks 5HR trip. My truck is brutal though.and not needed to tow the boat (Quintrex190)

It usually works out that I have either to many people to fish with or not enough. I like fishing alone but it is always easier/ safer with 2.


08-09-2006, 10:10 PM
I fished the Piscataqua outgoing and change tonight. Threw the grocery pollack against Gerrish without a strike although I did see several smallish fish following. Switched to a smaller white and was on in the first cast. Second cast produced again, but it fell off at the boat. That was it. Good breeze blowing on shore was pushing me and made keeping position tough. Plus there was a considerable amount of seaweed floating and you know what that adds up to. Went up to Seapoint then called it. Alot of people at Foster and Seapoint this evening - some fisherman throwing along the rocks.