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: MACK Report 7/29

08-03-2006, 11:31 AM
This is my first post here!
Looks like a great site, will never last though a fly fishing site that has flyfishing contenet, crazy!

Fished the Mack from 230AM-7AM, No Moon Lite Chop, dropping tide. Perfect conditions. Water temps from 67-56F

Had a crew of 3- dedicated anglers but No Fish!

Only 2 can fly fish on my boat at a time so 2 of us were throwing flies , big (gurgulers (8") and a large rattling subsurface fly I have been working on) these flies have produced at night on the flats. 1 - throwing Sluggo’s/ netters Sand Lances , 1-24” fish caught on a netters sand lance. That was it? Saw one keeper size caught by someone using bait at the beginning of the second no wake zone, and some real micro’s being caught at the rock pile at the end of the first no wake zone. We fished non stop. My evening trips have been so /so this summer. The best times have been the droping tide with no moon. Funny to start looking for when the moon Sets.

All reports I have seen is that it is like this all over. Tough going! On the plus side
There are reports of huge schools of sand ells on Stelwagon Bank with Big Bass on them. Hopefully they move inland so we can target them:tsk_tsk: (EEZ). Things should be picking up inshore soon though. Heard reports of Peanut bunker in the mooring area of the Habba. That is my second late night outing like this. And I am now Jonesing for some fish!

Usual slows down from JUL4-AUG15, but I have never experienced fishing this slow before? With the crazy spring we had it might be that allot of fish that would hang out in the river passed us by. No Bait =No Fish.

Or I may just been having a run of Bad Luck.

I plan on Fishing Great Bay area Saturday 4AM-9AM or so, White Quintrex CC. See you out there.


08-03-2006, 11:37 AM
This is my first post here!
Looks like a great site, will never last though a fly fishing site that has flyfishing contenet, crazy!

6 years and counting! And we plan to keep it that way.

Welcome and thanks for the report, it does seem like the fish did not push as far north as they do most years... but as wild as the north shore gets in October they're probably still pushin'

You raise a good point with the sand eels... I wonder if they make a predictable shoreward move sometime during the year, maybe to spawn?

I observe some very odd behavior at Chatham Inlet most years - very big sand eels stunned and barely able to swim falling with the tide in mind-blowing numbers, even the slowest gulls picking them off the surface. Of course there are huge bass slurping them. But I never knew why they do this... must have plenty of oxygen during high tide, and why are they stunned? Post-spawn maybe? Worth looking into.

This thorough account from a biological research perspective implies that sand eel spawning is largely inshore, eggs laid on or in sand / gravel substrate. However it states that it occurs principally from November thru March. (non-commercial educational site)

I would have to guess that these cigar sand eels were spawning since there are so many sub-species of sand eels, and since other species have staggered spawning habits. What I observed was occurring in late fall, but not quite November.

Anyway I sure hope they come to shore :)

08-03-2006, 12:55 PM
Great report. Sounds like it has been tough all over for legal bass. Hopefully the bunker show up in numbers to give the fishery a shot in the arm. There has been a lack of bait (compared to previous seasons) off the backside too.

Bunker are reportedly thick in RI so we will be taking a look for big bluefish and hopefully hardtails down that way soon.

What kind of hooks are you tying those big gurglers on?

08-03-2006, 07:28 PM
4/0 Mustard 34011. I bend the Shank up a bit. I have been tying them trying to outfish the rigged sluggo's my budy throws. Here is one for a comparison.

Creates Quite the comotion.Still cover more water with the slugo though.Some times I will cast behind my budies slugo for the old bait and switch, it works.

08-05-2006, 07:40 AM

Good to see you on this site as well. Great report, even though it was supposed to be me in that boat. :frown: Just kidding. I'll catch you next time. BTW I know of a great place to go. I just caught two keepers yesterday on measuring 36" boy did that one take some line.