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: Saturday SB inside

07-31-2006, 12:31 PM
I know the tides were lousy, but it was a free day for me.... It started out great, lots of sun, a few clouds and a mild west wind. I landed 2 by 9:30 blind casting the outer edge of the flat near J. I started feeling good about the day and it just shut down until the incoming started. Around 11:00 the wind backed off to the south and the white caps started. The only way to see anything was to face north. As the flat started filling with the incoming I started working my way across the flat. I was able to pick off a couple of single that I saw. I saw quite a few singles rolling, but could only turn a few. As I was working my back to the pickup point I had a pod of about 20 coming right at me. I was able to get my cast down without spooking them and landed one.

Total for the day; 5 landed 2 of which were in the mid-20's. 2 long line releases and one that I missed altogether. I saw it follow and hit the fly, but my strip set hooked nothing but water.

On the plus side I didn't see one seal all day. Also, I met and fished with a nice guy from Zimbabwe who actually asked if he could fish with me as it was his first time in the salt. Beats the hell out of some others who run up casting over your shoulder.

08-01-2006, 07:32 AM
Gary, thanks for the report. That area seems to be very tide dependent with a lot of dead time until the turn. No seals can be good or bad. I kinda like to see seals. They can indicate bait/fish, and sometimes they push both to shallow water.

08-01-2006, 10:27 AM
Hey Gary, good to hear you did decent.

I fished North on Saturday from noon til the pickup, and it was very quiet. I staked out the flats around the bowls on the north side of the island. Only saw 4 fish up on the flats, one was a cow, but nevertheless, I need a few more opportunities myself...

Its so strange how on and off it is this year!